The Historic Library & Rare Book Collection at Sherborne School includes a section of books relating to European and World history.

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The Netherland-Historian, containing a … relation of what hath passed in the late warrs between the King of Great Britain, and the French King with their Allyes, against the States Generall of the United Provinces, from … 1671, to … 1674. Illustrated, etc.
Translated from the Dutch.
Amsterdam, Printed by Stephen Swart, 1675.
Donated to Sherborne School Library by W.J. Bensly, 1928. [William James Bensly (1874-1943) attended Sherborne School (School House) 1888-1893, and returned as an assistant master 1905-1913, 1919-1934]

L’Art de Vérifier les dates des faits historiques.
Paris, 1783-1787.
3 volumes.
[Lists, chronological tables and charts of every imaginable historical fact, set out in chronological order, with some comments. Covers Europe, Middle East, Africa, Papacy, etc. French text]
Acquired by Sherborne School c.1899.

BLAIR, Rev. John (d.1782)
The chronology and history of the world from the creation to the year of Christ 1790 in 56 tables.
London, 1790 (4th ed.)
[A series of beautifully printed tables, each setting out the events of 50 years]
Inscribed: ‘A. Robertson, Observatory, Oxford’.
Bookplate: Arundell Bouberie, 1827.

BURNET, Bishop Gilbert (1643-1715)
The history of the rights of princes in the disposing of ecclesiastical benefices and church lands. Relating chiefly to the pretensions of the crown of France to the regale.
London, 1681 (1st ed.)
[Relations between French Crown and Church; with documents (some with their English translations). Dealings between Louis XIV and Hugenots, c.1660-1680]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 4s.6d.

CLUVER, Philip (1580-1623)
Introductionis in Universam Geographiam. Libri V.
Leyden, 1628.
Edited by Josephus Vorstius.
[This work was first published in 1624. The author was the founder of historical geography, but publication was posthumous. It includes a folding table showing the comparative difference between units of measurement in use by various nations at that time]
Inscribed: ‘J. Lloyd’, ‘Thomas Crawley Bowey’, C. Mills’
Donated to Sherborne School Library by G. Tozer, c.1898. [George Alfred Tozer (1878-1949) attended Sherborne School (School House) 1893-1895]

CRUSO, John (d.1681)
Militarie instructions for the cavallrie: or the rules and directions for the service of horse… according to the present practise of the Low-Country Warres.
Cambridge, 1632.
[Gives chapter on organisation, drill, tactical formations, etc. With plates illustrating battle formations 1610-1621. Contains several diagrams and fold-outs illustrating the text ]
Inscribed: ‘A.A. Decemb. 2, 1641’
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).

DU-MAY, Louis Sieur de Sallettes
The estate of the empire, or, an abridgement of the laws and government of Germany etc., by Lewis Du-May, Knight, Sieur de Sallettes etc.
Translated into French by D’Alexis Esq.
Now faithfully rendered into English.
London, R. Norton, 1664.
[An examination of various features of the Empire: princely families, Church orders, abbeys, aristocracy, diets, etc.]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 2s.3d.

FENTON, Sir Geoffrey (c.1539-1608)
The historie of Guicciardin, containing the warres of Italie and other parts… reduced into English by Geffray Fenton.
London, William Norton, 1579 (1st ed.)
[This translation (from French version) dedicated to Queen Elizabeth, had a great vogue in its time. The work deals in great detail with period 1494-1532. Full summary of contents at the beginning. Contains the political wisdom of the writer who, with Machiavelli, was the originator of the modern science of history]
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).

FOULIS, Henry (1638-1669)
The history of Romish treasons and usurpations.
London, 1681 (2nd ed.)
[Examples, throughout history of Europe, of Romanists deposing their lawful sovereign, with an extensive general attack on the Roman Church. Illustrates the very powerful anti-Catholic feeling in England at the time of first publication (1671)]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 14s.0d.

FULLER, Thomas (1608-1661)
The Historie of the Holy Warre.
Cambridge, 1648 (3rd ed.)
Bound in with: Thomas Fuller, ‘The Holy State’, Cambridge, 1647 (2nd ed.)
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue)

A general historie of the Netherlands.
London, 1627 (1st ed. of the version updated by William Crosse).
[After brief introductory section, covers the period c.1460-1627 in great detail]
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).
Donated to Sherborne School by Samuel Cooth.

GUICCIARDINI, Francesco (1483-1540)
L’Historia d’Italia.
Edited by Thomas Porcacchi.
Venice, 1623.
Italian text.
Inscribed: ‘Provinciae Anglianae’.
Donated to Sherborne School Library in 1929.

HILL, Joseph (1625-1707)
The interest of these United Provinces, being a defence of the Zeedlanders’ choice… by a well-wisher to the reformed religion.
Middleburg, printed by Thomas Berry, 1673 (1st ed.)
[Discusses foreign policy options for the Netherlands at the time of writing, with reasons for preferring England to France.
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 1s.4d.

HOWEL, William
An institution of General History, or the History of the World, being a complete body thereof.
London, 1680-1685 (2nd ed.).
3 volumes.
Donated to Sherborne School Library by Sir Thomas Windham.  Acquired before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).

LASSERAN MASSENCOME, Blaise de Seigneur de Montluc (c.1502-1577)
The commentaries of Messire Blaize de Montluc, Mareschal of France.
Translated by Charles Cotton (1630-1687).
London, 1674.
[Describes the fifty years of service of a staunch royalist which included many exploits, and which finally led to his being made a Marshal of France. He first served under Francis I]
Inscribed: ‘Jns. Cooke’.
Donated to Sherborne School Library in 1923.

LELAND, Thomas (1722-1785)
The history of the life and reign of Philip King of Macedon.
London, E. Johnston, 1775 (2nd ed.)
2 volumes.
Bookplate: William Gordon.

LYDIUS, Jacobus (1610-1679)
Belgium Gloriosum.
Dordrecht, 1668.
Bound in with: R.H. Schelius, ‘De Jure Imperii’, Amsterdam, 1671.
Latin text.
[Spanish/Netherlands relations in the 16th and 17th centuries, with early history of Belgium]
Inscribed: ‘To John Longmuir jun., from John Nichol, Aug. 4th 51’.
Acquired by Sherborne School Library before 1919.

MABILLON, Jean (1632-1707)
De Re Diplomatica.
Paris, 1681 (1st ed.)
[The first edition of the first great textbook on diplomatic. A manual for the scientific testing of medieval documents, with c.60 facsimiles of early documents, and keys. Latin text]
Acquired by Sherborne School c.1909.

MACHIAVELLI, Niccolo (1469-1527)
Tutte le Opera de Niccolo Machiavelli….: divise in V. parti et di nuova con somma accuratezza ristampate
Title page missing.
[Geneva, 1550]
Italian text.
Five woodcut portraits.
1. Historie florentine.
2. Il principe.
3. Discorsi.
4. Sette libri dell’Arte della guerra.
5. L’asino d’oro… con tutte l’altre sue operette.
Donated to Sherborne School Library by Miss M.L. White, c.1917.

MORYSON, Fynes (1566-1630)
An Itinerary: containing his ten yeeres travel through the twelve dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Turky, France, England, Scotland and Ireland.
London, John Beale, 1617 (1st ed.)
[Part 1 gives details of journeys throughout Europe 1591-1597, and Part III gives miscellaneous information on European countries (national costumes, character, religion, etc.). Valuable social history material on inns, food, prices, etc. Part II gives a very detailed eye-witness account of events in Ireland 1599-1603, including the rebellion of Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 14s.0d.

RALEIGH, Walter Sir (c.1552-1618)
The history of the world: in five books. The first, intreating of the beginning and first ages of the same, from the creation unto Abraham. The second, of the times from the birth of Abraham to the destruction of the temple of Solomon. The third, from the destruction of Jerusalem to the time of Philip of Macedon. The fourth, from the reign of Philip of Macedon, to the establishing of that kingdom in the race of Antigonus. The fifth, from the settled rule of Alexander’s successours in the east, until the Romans (prevailing over all) made conquest of Asia and Macedon… Whereunto is added in this edition, the life and tryal of the author.
London, printed for Robert White, T. Basset, J. Wright, R. Chiswell, G. Dawes and T. Sawbridge, 1677.
Donated to Sherborne School Library by Sir Thomas Windham.
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).

RYCAUT, Sir Paul (1628-1700)
The history of the Turkish empire from the year 1623 to the year 1677.
London, 1680 (1st ed.)
[Two-thirds of the volume covers period 1660-1677, with accounts of the English trade]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 12s.0d.

RYCAUT, Sir Paul (1628-1700)
The history of the Turks, beginning with the year 1679 being a full relation of the last troubles in Hungary… the battles between the Christians and the Turks until 1698, and 1699.. Peace… at Carlowitz by the mediations of His Majesty of Great Britain.
London, 1700 (1st ed.)
2 volumes in 1.
[Full details of the period, including sieges, battles, etc.]
Ex Libris R. Vaughan.
Acquired after 1919.

ST JOHN, Henry, Viscount Bolingbroke (1678-1751)
A dissertation upon parties; in several letters to Caleb d’Anvers esq.
London, 1749 (7th ed.)
[Purports to show ‘the artifice of division into parties: a true idea of the constitution: to vindicate the revolution, its means and ends’. Part of Bolingbroke’s attack on Walpole, written in 1733-34 for ‘The Craftsman’ (Caleb d’Anvers the pseudonym of its editor)]
Ex libris Pet. Morris Goddard.
Donated to Sherborne School Library by T.C. Bartlett, 1902. [Thomas Charles Bartlett (1861-1929) attended Sherborne School 1873-1877]

TEMPLE, Sir William (1628-1699)
Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands.
London, A. Maxwell, 1673 (2nd revised ed.)
[History of Netherlands over the preceding century: a discussion of the main features of the country; and analysis of the events of 1672. Temple was a crucial figure in Anglo-Dutch relations at the time.
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 2s.6d.

VARET, Alexandre-Louis (1632-1676)
The Nunns complaint against the fryars, being the charge by the nuns of St Katherine near Provins against the fathers Cordeliers, now faithfully done into English.
London, 1676.
Lacks pages 73-120.
[The accusation, by a group of Nuns, in 1667, against their immoral Priests, with details of their misconduct, in Provins, France]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 1s.6d.

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