The Historic Library & Rare Book Collection at Sherborne School includes a section of books by French authors.

A-Z by author &/or title:

BODIN, Jean (1530-1596)
De Republica Libri Sex Latine ab Autore redditi.
First (translated) edition.
Lyons, 1586.
[The first edition of the author’s own translation of a work first published (in French) in 1576. The father of French political science, he here describes his ideal state, and identifies reforms needed in contemporary France. He ends by presenting his notion that human institutions are determined by climate]
Donated to Sherborne School Library by Robert Forrester, before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue). [Robert Forrester (1663-1695) attended Sherborne School c.1675. Usher of Sherborne School 1695.

GASSENDI, Pierre (1592-1655)
Animadversiones in decimum librum Diogenis Laertii, qui est de vita, moribus, placitisque epicuri.
Lyons, 1649 (1st ed.)
3 volumes
[One of the works on which Gassendi’s lasting reputation depends. He advocated empirical realism, and was influential in reviving Epicureanism]
Volume 1 inscribed on title page: ‘Anglesey May 28 1670. 3 vol. 1st-5th’ [from the Earl of Anglesey’s great library, with his signature]
Acquired by Sherborne School before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).

LE FEVRE, Tanneguy (1615-1672)
Tanaquilli Fabri epistolæ.
Saumur, 1674.

LA FONTAINE, Jean de (1621-1695)
Fables Choisies mises en vers par Monsieur de La Fontaine, et par luy revenues, corrigees & augmentees de nouveau.
Antwerp, Henry van Dunewalt, 1688.
[Dedicated to Louis, Dauphin, son of Louis XIV, King of France. Original binding and engravings]
Inscribed: ‘Sarah Long 1698.’

LE SAGE, Alain René (1668-1747)
Histoire de Gil Blas de Santillane.
London, 1801.
3 volumes.

MATTHIEU, Pierre (1563-1621)
Unhappy prosperity. Expressed in the history of Aelius Sejanus, and Philippa the Catanian, with observations upon the fall of Sejanus, lastly, with certain considerations upon the life and services of Monsieur Villerot.
Translated by Sir Thomas Hawkins.
Dedicated to William, Earl of Salisbury.
London, Thomas Harper, 1639 (2nd ed.).
[Originally translated in 1628 as a satire on the Duke of Buckingham, the 1639 translation seems to urge King Charles I to assert his power over the rebellious Scots, as Tiberius had ultimately dealt with Sejanus]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687 for 2s.0d.

RENAUDOT, Eusèbe (1646-1720)
A General Collection of Discourses of the Virtuosi of France upon questions of all sorts of Philosophy, and other Natural Knowledge.
Translated by Clopton Havers, gent.
London, 1664 (1st ed.)

Another Collection of Philosophical Conferences of the French Virtuosi upon Questions of all sorts for the improving of Natural Knowledge.
Translated by G. Havers and J. Davies.
London, 1665.
[In all, containing 240 ‘conferences’ on a wide range of topics, all examined, in the new light of scientific reason. The volumes typify the way Restoration England was alive to French ideas, thanks to returning Royalist exiles. Subjects include: ‘Of the Milkie Way’; ‘Which Animal is Happiest’; ‘Of the causes of the Small Pox’; ‘Why Mules breed not’; ‘Whether Trading derogates from Gentility’; ‘Whether it be expedient for Women to be Learned’]
Purchased from Robert Clavell on 28 June 1687, for £1.2s.0d.

SAVARY DES BRULONS, Jacques (1657-1716)
The universal dictionary of trade and commerce with large additions and improvements adapting the same to the present state of British affairs in America, since the last treaty of peace made in the year 1763.
Translated from the French by Malachy Postlethwayt.
London, 1751-1755 (1st ed.)
2 volumes.
[Translated, with considerable additions, from the French, this deals with every aspect of trade. Information is set out under alphabetical headings; the matters discussed are summarised in the Prefaces to the two volumes, showing the heading under which details can be found. Illustrated by many folding tables of customs duties, etc., which provide a full picture of 18th-century trade, and 24 folding maps, which give information about trade with America, Asia, and Africa at that period.
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1750 and 1807.

VOLTAIRE (1694-1778)
Oeuvres complete de Voltaire.
Basle, Jean-Jaques Tourneisen, 1784-1787.
40 (of 48 ) volumes [lacks vols. 1, 10, 11, 13-15, 26, 46]

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