Shirburnians have a long tradition of remembering their own.  At the east end of the School chapel is a memorial recording the names of the twelve Old Shirburnians who lost their lives in the South African War of 1899-1902.  The names of those Old Shirburnians who fell in the First (approx. 221) and Second World Wars (approx. 242) are incised into the walls of the ante-chapel, designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield, and are also recorded in the Books of Remembrance.

We will remember them.

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First World War Roll of Honour

BENNETT, Maurice Porter │  CLARK, William Wallace Edmund Messenger │  ELLIOTT, Edward │  GIBBONS, John │  GUNNING, John Walter │  HALLIDAY, Charles Graham Rivers │  WARD, Eric Seth

Second World War Roll of Honour

 ABEL, Richard John Frederick |  ALLISON, George Edmund | AUSTIN, Ambrose Theodore WentworthBALDWIN, Christopher Melfort | BANNERMAN, Douglas Edward | BARKER, Anthony Oliver | BASS-THOMSON, James Edmund |  BECHER, James Stewart | BURNETT, Walter HenryCHAPMAN, Henry Charles Alfred |  COWAN, Michael Harry Tennant |  DUNN, James Raymond | EVANS, David |  FERGUSON, Kenneth Francis | HANSELL, Richard Neville | HARRIS, John Stewart | INCHBALD, Anthony Ilbert |  LANG, Edward James Morgan | MARKER, Eric Gerald | MARKS, Hugh John |  MEREDITH, Kenneth Evans |  MOFFAT-WILSON, Donald | MOLISON, William Strachan |  MYLES, Thomas Picton | OLIVER, Peter Roderick |  PHILLIPS, David Anthony Temple |  PICK, Donald Bryan Pickering |  RICE, William Terence | RICKETTS, Desmond Forbes | ROSS, Derek Colles | ROUSE, Trevor Hastings |  RYAN, Anthony Richard BiddulphSHERLEY-PRICE, Maurice Henry |  TASKER, Anthony Leckonby Ashton |  WHYTE, Gerald Athenry |  WYLIE, William Jeffery Price  | YEO, John Maurice Macfarlane

Lives Lost in Service (1919-1939, 1946 to date)

MACDONALD, John Donald | WILSON, Kenneth Gordon Wycliffe

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