Cedric O’Donoghue Carey (1888-1965).  1st XV 1904, 1905, 1906 (captain), 1907:  ‘A very energetic and painstaking Captain, who is much to be congratulated on the complete success of the season.  Played fly-half with great advantage to the side and himself. Very strong and dashing, with a good swerve, is hard to stop. Passes cleanly and is a safe tackler, but is weak in kicking. 10st. 11 lbs.’

Son of L.S. Carey.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbeylands) 1901-1908, 6th form, School Prefect, Head of Abbeylands, XV 1904-1907 (capt.), XI 1906, 1907, 1908 (capt.).  University College, Oxford.  Planter in Ceylon.  WW1, 2nd Lieutenant, Indian Army Reserve of Officers, 3/2nd Rajput Lilght Infantry (Allahabad), served with 2/10th Jats until 1918 (Jhausi).  Retired to Rozel, Guernsey, Channel Islands.

William Easterby Shaw (1887-1915).  1st XV 1904, 1905, 1906: ‘A strong and heavy forward.  Very useful in tight scrimmages and has improved enormously in the open.  If he learns to be quicker and neater with his hands, he will be a first-class forward. 12 st. 1 lb.’

Son of H.R. Shaw, Blackheath.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbeylands) 1902-1907, XV 1904, 1905, 1906, shooting viii 1906, 1907. Lieutenant, King’s Shropshire Light Infantry.  Died on 18 May 1915 of wounds received in France on 15 March 1915.

Harold Gostwyck May (1887-1915).  1st XV 1905, 1906: ‘Has unfortunately not added much to his weight this year, but he has very little to learn in cleverness with either hands or feet.  A fine leader of forwards, inspiring both by words and example.  Very conspicuous in the line-out.  10st. 4 lbs.’

Son of Richard Cooke May and Emma Jane May.  Attended Sherborne School (Harper House) 1902-1907, 6th form,  School Prefect; Head of Harper House; XI 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907 (capt.); XV 1905, 1906; Public School Boxing competition 1907.  Assistant Master at Kelly College, Tavistock, 1907-1911. Attended Trinity College, Dublin. Assistant Master at Llandovery College, 1911-1912. Assistant Master at Clifton College, 1912-1913. Assistant Master at Sherborne School, 1914. WW1, Lieutenant in the Dorsetshire Regiment, 3rd Bn. (Res.), attached 1st Bn. Died on 27 March 1915 of wounds received at St Eloi on 14 March 1915.

Eric Cuthbert Crichton (1888-1962).  1st XV 1905, 1906: ‘Has been quite invaluable to the pack, and a large factor in its success, through his honest and sturdy play.  Not prominent in the open, except at the line-out, but invariably plays himself out.  11 st. 5 lbs.’

Son of A.J. Crichton, Carrowgarry, Ballysodare, Co. Sligo.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1903-1907, XV 1905, 1906. T.C.D. Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. M.D. F.C.O.G. WW1, Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps, attached 1/5th Bn., Suffolks, E.E.F., Palestine (despatches). Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Cape Town.

William Guy Ardagh Walter (1888-1916).  1st XV 1905, 1906: ‘A large and heavy forward has improved much and been most useful, especially out of touch.  He still needs to grow more angular and to show more fire and fierceness.  12 st. 8 lbs.’

Son of William Ardagh Gardner Walter and his wife Lucille Jane Thomson, of Wild Club, Perth, Western Australia, formerly of Bridgetown, Blackwood, Western Australia.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1902-1907, 6th form,  XV 1905, 1906. Worked at Kitson’s Engineering Works, Leeds, 1908-1911. Attended Leeds University, 1911-1913. Worked for New South Wales Railways, Sydney, Australia, 1914-1915. WW1, enlisted at Kalgoorlie Western Australia. 2nd Lieutenant in the Australian Field Force, 48th Infantry Battalion. Killed on the Somme on 5 August 1916.

Walter James Dow (1888-1964).  1st XV 1906: ‘Has played scrum half with great success, combining splendidly with his Captain.  Strong, cool and tricky, he has only a certain slowness to overcome to be a really fine player.  A magnificent punt, and very fair place kick.  11 st. 3 lbs.’

Son of Mrs. Dow, London.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbey House) 1902-1907, XI 1905, 1906, 1907, XV 1906, shooting viii 1904, 1906. F.S.I. F.R.I.C.S. F.R.E.S. M. Inst. R.A. WW1, Sergeant, Honourable Artillery Company, France, 1916-1919. WW2, A.R.P. Consulting Architect, Hampstead Borough Council.

John Elliott Terry (1888-1917).  1st XV 1906, 1907 (captain): ‘A sound and good all-round forward, who was especially conspicuous for his tackling, and keen following up.  Has considerable stamina, and lasts well through the hardest of games.  11 st. 4 lbs.’ 

Son of John Howard Terry and Lucie Terry of Elmcote, Barnet.  Attended Sherborne School (Harper House) 1904-1908, 6th form, School Prefect, Head of Harper House, XV 1906, 1907 (capt.), shooting viii team 1905, 1906, 1907 (capt.). In business in Australia, 1914-1916.  Married Phyllis Mary Stockings.  WW1, Lieutenant, Royal Flying Corps. Died of blood poisoning in a hospital at Rouen on 16 October 1917.

Sydney Christmas Bennett (1888-1969).  1st XV 1906: ‘A very vigorous and determined forward, who always plays for all he is worth. Useful in tight scrums, and sometimes shows up prominently in the loose.  10 st. 4 lbs.’

Son of R.C. Bennett, Hampstead.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbeylands) 1903-1907, XV 1906, Longmuir Drawing and Bowen History prizes 1906.  Middlesex XV 1908-1912.  A.M.Inst.C.E. Executive engineer, P.W.D., Kenya, 1914-1931.  WW1, Lieutenant, East African Railway Corps (despatches).

Julian Urban Urban-Smith (1888-1959).  1st XV 1906: ‘A strong and well-built forward, who only just failed to be brilliant through diffidence and not using his undoubtedly great pace.  11 st., 0lbs.’

Son of Urban Smith, London.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbeylands) 1903-1907, XV 1906. University College, London. Assoc.M.Inst.C.E. 1914.  WW1, Major, Royal Field Artillery, 2/4th East Anglian Brigade, 2/2nd Hertfordshire Battery (T.). Lieutenant-Colonel’s command 1919. Retired as Major 1921.  Associate Member, Institution of Water Engineers.

Campbell Thomas Sanctuary (1889-1938).  1st XV 1906, 1907: ‘Has excelled this season rather in defence – in which he is quite fearless – than in attack.  But he has great capabilities also as an offensive player.  Greatly improved in kicking.  9 st. 10 lbs.’

Son of C.F.S. Sanctuary (OS). Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1902-1908, 6th form, Digby Maths prize 1907, School Prefect, XV 1906, 1907. Caius College, Cambridge. Land agent and surveyor. WW1, Captain, Royal Field Artillery, attached Royal Air Force. WW2, Air Ministry.

Harvey Forshaw Plant (1887-1940).  1st XV 1906: ‘A sterling defensive player, collars well and improved much in kicking into touch.  Rather weak in attack owing to not having good hands.  10 st. 6 in.’

Son of C.H. Plant, Preston, Lancashire.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1902-1906, XV 1906. Adm. Solicitor 1912. Lancashire XV. WW1, Major, Royal Field Artillery, H.Q., R.A., 55th (West Lancs.) Division, France 1915-1918 (wounded, M.C., despatches).

Duncan Galloway Smith (1890-1916).  1st XV 1906, 1908 (captain): ‘A young player, who has all the makings of a really good wing three-quarter.  Cross kicks well and with judgment and tackles safely.  Must learn to hand-off.  10 st. 7 lbs.’

Son of Harold Duke Smith (Engineer, G.W.R., Paddington) of Ivy Cottage, Ivybridge, South Devon. Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1905-1909, XI 1908, 1909, XV 1906, 1908 (capt.). Somerset XV.  Articled to Sir A. Gibbs, Rosyth Harbour Works.  Married to Florence Ethel Smith.  WW1, Captain in the Royal Engineers (T.F.). Died of wounds in France on 26 June 1916.

Alfred Leslie Symes (1888-1961).  1st XV 1906: ‘A very keen and dashing forward: always on the ball, and a good dribbler, he lasts well throughout a game.  9 st. 10 lbs.’

Son of A.O. Symes.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbey House) 1904-1907, XV 1906.  Wine merchant. WW1, Captain, Royal Field Artillery, 1/1st Devonshire Battery, 4th Wessex Brigade (T.), India, Mesopotamia, Palestine (despatches). O.B.E. T.D. WW2, Brigadier, R.A.  Retired 1948.

William Robert Bull (1888-1937).  1st XV 1906: ‘Though handicapped by slowness, improved much at full-back.  Fields neatly and collars well.  A powerful kick, but should use the touch line more.  12 st.’

Son of C. Bull, Bradford.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbeylands) 1902-1907, Scholar, 6th form, School Prefect, Head of Abbeylands, Fletcher prize 1905, Digby History and French prize 1906, XI 1905, 1906, 1907, XV 1906.  Keble College, Oxford.  Schoolmaster 1910.  WW1, Captain, Royal Army Service Corps, France and Egypt (wounded).

Ronald John Martin Morrison (1888-1957).   1st XV 1906: ‘Played wing three-quarter without great success, tried too often to force his way through the scrum.  A very fair kick and tackler.  9 st. 10 lbs.’

Son of M. Morrison, Facey Manor, Stokesley, Yorkshire.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1903-1906, XV 1906.

1906 1st XV Sherborne School