School House, 1860.

School House has been in continuous use as a School boarding house since 1860.

The cornerstone of School House was laid on 26 June 1860 by Anthony Ashley-Cooper, seventh earl of Shaftesbury.  The new building was designed by William Slater and built by John Guppy for an initial cost of about £5,000, and was the first purpose-built boarding accommodation at Sherborne School.

The private side was occupied by the Headmaster who until 1946 was also housemaster of School House.  In 1903, a bay window was built onto the west side of the Lower Study to mark the School once again attaining a total of 200 pupils after a fall in numbers in the 1890s during E.M. Young’s headmastership.

Subsequent additions and improvements to School House include the castellated bay window on south side of Headmaster’s study (1884); drying room (1898); merger of dormitories (1898), shower room (1903); inner bike shed, the gift of J.B. Carrington (1905); changing room, the gift of J.B. Carrington (1909); east windows in dayroom (1912); bathrooms, the original bathroom was on the ground floor on left of boys’ entrance (1912); lowering the wall between School House and School House Studies (now the Headmaster’s building) (1928); enlargement of bathrooms (1935); re-flooring of dormitories (1936); dayroom yard (1937); west window in House Tutor’s study (1958); back garden (1959); and the dormitory extension to the east (1970).

Former pupils of Sherborne School who have boarded at School House include Clive Carey (1897-1901), Arthur Carr (1907-1911), Derman Christopherson (1928-1934), Ron Cunningham ‘The Great Omani’ (1929-1933), Nigel Dempster (1955-1958), T.G. Devitt (1916-1922), Charles Dick (1927-1931), Robert Key (1958-1963), William Bruce Knight (1797-1802), Geoffrey Lunt (1899-1905), Rupert Maas (1974-1978), Simon McCoy (1975-1979), Ian Messiter (1934-1937), Henry Ruthven Moore (1899-1901)Lance Percival (1947-1951), Littleton Albert Powys (1855-1857), Torsten Ullman (1925-1927), Alec Waugh (1911-1915), George Weldon (1922-1926), Alfred North Whitehead (1875-1880), Roland Young (1902-1906).

House letter: a.

House colours: magenta and black.

Until 1946 the Headmaster was in charge of School House
1946       Arthur Bellyse Gourlay (1907-1976)
1961       Lionel Edward Cassels Bruce (1917-1993)
1969       Peter Clement Boissier (1921-2004)
1979       Michael Higginbottom
1983       George H.J. Facer
1990       Stephen D.A. Meek
1995       Carlo V.J. Ferrario
1999       Peter J. Watts
2010       Kester Jackson

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