The Historic Library & Rare Book Collection at Sherborne School includes a section of reference works, including encyclopedias, lexicography and bibliography.

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ALSTED, Johann Heinrich (1588-1638)
Ioan. Henrici Alstedii Scientiarvm omnivm encyclopaediae.
Leyden, sumptibus Ioannis Antonii Huguetan filij, & Marci Antonii Ravaud, 1649.
2 volumes.
Acquired before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).

BAIARDI, Ottavio Antonio (1694-1764)
Le pitture antiche d’Ercolano e contorni incise con qualche spiegazione.
Edited by Ottavio Antonia Baiardi.
Published by Accademia ercolanese di archeologia, Naples.
Naples, 1757.
Volume 1.
Purchased by W.B. Wildman from the library of Drax of Holnest, 1919.

CHAMBERS, Ephraim (1680-1740)
Cyclopaedida; or, an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences.
London, 1751/2 (7th ed.)
2 volumes.
[Chambers’ work represented an important advance in the schematic presentation of knowledge, reflecting the enquiring mind of the 18th century. Chambers does not treat names of people and places, but offers a comprehensive discussion of all matters which can be apprehended by imagination, reason, or the senses. This edition is illustrated with interesting engraved plates]
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1750 and 1807.

CUMBERLAND, George (1754-1848)
Outlines from the antients. Exhibiting their principles of composition in figures and basso-relievos taken chiefly from inedited monuments of Greek and Roman sculpture.
London, 1829.
[A preface indicates that this work was prompted by a desire to improve knowledge of draughtsmanship. Many illustrative plates, with descriptive analysis of the form, content, etc., of each. The authors was a friend of Sir Thomas Lawrence, to whom this is dedicated]

ESTIENNE, Charles (1504-c.1564)
Dictionarium historicum, geographicum, poeticum : gentium, hominum, deorum gentilium regionum … antiqua recentioráque, ad sacras & profanas historias, poetarumque fabulas … nomina … complectens & illustrans : opus admodum utile & apprime necessarium / a Carolo Stephano inchoatum ; ad incudem verò revocatum innumerisque penè locis auctum & emaculatum per Nicolaum Lloydium.
London, impensis B. Tooke, T. Passenger, T. Sawbridge, A. Swalle & A. Churchill, 1686.
Editio Novissima.
[Nicholas Lloyd (1630-1680), Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford]
Donated to Sherborne School Library by the Rev. John Gale (amendment in 1695 library catalogue).

GUILLIM, John (1565-1621)
A Display of Heraldry.
London, S. Roycroft, 1679 (5th/7th ed.)
Bound with: John Logan, Analogia honorum, or, A treatise of honour and nobility, according to the laws and customes of England (London, Thomas Roycroft, 1677-1678)
[Guillim systematised the whole science of heraldry. Every aspect is here analysed and illustrated. With hand-coloured illustrations of coats of arms, and some portraits after Vandyck]
Donated to Sherborne School by the Earl of Bristol, before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue)

HOFMANN, Johann Jakob (1635-1706)
Lexicon universale, historiam sacram et profanam omnis aevi, omniumque gentium; chronologiam ad haec usque tempora; geographiam et veteris et novi orbis; … genealogiam, tum mythologiam, ritus caerimonias … praeterea animalium, plantarum, metalorum, lapidum, gemmarum, nominas, naturas, vites, explanans.
Leyden, apud Jacob. Hackium, Cornel. Boutesteyn, Petr. Vander Aa, & Jord. Luchtmans, 1698.
4 volumes.
Bound in vellum.

HYDE, Thomas (1636-1703)
Catalogus Impressorum Librorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae in Academia Oxoniensi: Cura et Opera Thomae Hyde.
Oxford, 1674.
[The third published catalogue of the Bodleian Library, by its then librarian. A valuable source of information about a vast number of works published prior to 1674]
Acquired before 1695 (entry in original library catalogue).

JOHNSON, Samuel (1709-1784)
A Dictionary of the English Language.
London, 1755 (1st ed.)
2 volumes
Manuscript facsimile title page to Vol. II.
[This is one of only 2000 copies of Dr Johnson’s Dictionary first published in London on 15 April 1755. The dictionary was printed by William Strahan in ‘English’ typeface and contains 42,773 entries and 110,000 quotations. It cost £4.10s for a bound copy in ‘boards’]
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1750 and 1807.

KNIGHT, Charles (1791-1873)
Old England: A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Baronial, Municipal and Popular Antiquities.
Edited by Charles Knight.
London, Charles Knight & Co., 1845.
2 volumes.
Inscribed ‘Arthur Gourlay’. [Arthur Bellyse Gourlay (1907-1976), Assistant Master at Sherborne School 1929-1971]

MOLLETT, John William.
An Illustrated Dictionary of Words used in Art and Archaeology.
London, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, and Rivington, 1883.

MOSS, Joseph William (1803-1862)
A Manual of Classical Biography.
London, W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, 1825.
2 volumes.
Bookplate: Ralph Lyon MA [Ralph Lyon (1795-1856), Headmaster of Sherborne School 1823-1845]

NESFIELD, William Eden (1835-1888)
Specimens of mediaeval architecture chiefly selected from examples of the 12th and 13th centuries in France & Italy and drawn by W. Eden Nesfield, architect, London.
London, Day & Son, 1862.

PUGIN, Augustus Charles (1762-1832)
Specimens of Gothic Architecture; selected from various antient edifices in England.
London, 1823 (2nd ed.)
Two volumes in one.
[The author came to England as a refugee from France in 1790. He became closely associated with John Nash, who encouraged his talent. Pugin’s careful work in his drawings of old buildings, and his systematic study of detail, contributed notably to the English Gothic revival. This work has copious illustrations, each of which is explained and discussed. He was the father of Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-1852)]
Inscribed on title page: [?‘A. Pugin’].
Acquired by Sherborne School c.1893.

SAVARY DES BRULONS, Jacques (1657-1716)
The universal dictionary of trade and commerce with large additions and improvements adapting the same to the present state of British affairs in America, since the last treaty of peace made in the year 1763.
Translated from the French by Malachy Postlethwayt.
London, 1751-1755 (1st ed.)
2 volumes.
[Translated, with considerable additions, from the French, this deals with every aspect of trade. Information is set out under alphabetical headings; the matters discussed are summarised in the Prefaces to the two volumes, showing the heading under which details can be found. Illustrated by many folding tables of customs duties, etc., which provide a full picture of 18th-century trade, and 24 folding maps, which give information about trade with America, Asia, and Africa at that period.
Acquired by Sherborne School between 1750 and 1807.

STRUTT, Joseph (1749-1802)
A Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the People of England, from the establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the present time, illustrated by engravings taken from the most authentic remains of antiquity.
London, 1796-1799 (1st ed.)
2 volumes.
[Gives full details of costumes, armour, ecclesiastical robes, etc. With 144 coloured engraved plates. Vol. I: Saxon times to late 12th century. Vol. II: up to early 17th century. Introductory section on dress from the earliest times]
Acquired by Sherborne School c.1903.

WORSLEY, Sir Richard (1751-1805)
Museum Worsleyanum: A collection of antique Basso-relievos, Bustos, Statues and Gems; with views of places in the Levant; taken on the spot in the years 1785-87.
London, 1824 (2nd ed.)
Acquired by Sherborne School in 1922.

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