Sherborne School is fortunate to possess in its historic library all three editions of The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset by John Hutchins.

Although John Hutchins (1693-1773) began collecting material for his History of Dorset in the 1730s it was still unfinished at the time of his death at Wareham on 21 June 1773.  However, thanks to the efforts of Richard Gough and William Cuming, it was finally published in 1774 in two folio volumes.  A second edition was published in four volumes between 1813 and 1815, and a third edition, again in four volumes, was published between 1861 and 1870.

Sherborne School also holds in its collection two special editions of Hutchins’ History and Antiquities of Sherbourne in the County of Dorset. The Sherborne edition was printed in London in 1815 by Nichols, Son, and Bentley, and sold in Sherborne by booksellers Mr Penny and Mr Hodges.  It was edited by Richard Gough and John Bowyer Nichols and includes a plan of the town originally made by John Ladd in 1735 and reduced by Joseph Ayres in 1802.  One of the School’s two copies was formerly owned by headmaster Ralph Lyon (1795-1856) and was purchased for the School by Judge F.A. Philbrick KC at Sotheby’s Auction Rooms in December 1907.

The first edition of Hutchins’ History of Dorset published in 1774 includes a list of 497 subscribers.  This list reveals that there were 623 pre-orders and that thirty-five subscribers ordered multiple copies, with the largest pre-order of twenty copies being made by Joseph Damer Lord Milton.  Ten copies each were ordered by James Frampton of Moreton, Richard Gough, Stephen Fox-Strangways Earl of Ilchester, George Pitt of Stratfield Saye, Anthony Ashley-Cooper Earl of Shaftesbury, and Edward Weld of Lulworth Castle.

However, perhaps most interesting of all, are the seventeen female subscribers named on the list.  Who were these 18th century antiquarian Bluestockings?

Margaret Duchess of Portland (1715–1785)(Harley Gallery)

The seventeen women who subscribed to the first edition of Hutchins’ History of Dorset (1774):
Mrs Bassett, Tidixton [Tythegston?], Glamorganshire.
Right Hon. Lady Mary Blair.
Miss Anne George Chudleigh [in May 1773, Anne George Chudleigh of Cattistock married Samuel Strong, clerk of Chilcompton].
Mrs Mary D’Aranda [possibly Mary D’Aranda (1722-1798) of Putney, daughter of Paul D’Aranda].
Lady Deane.
Lady Drake, of Ashe, Devon [in 1720 Anne Heathcote (1702-1769) married Sir Francis Henry Drake].
Mrs Ettrick, Salisbury.
Mrs Nickleson, of Poole.
Miss Okeden.
Her Grace Margaret [Cavendish Bentinck] Duchess Dowager of Portland (1715-1785).
Mrs Riddell, of Swinburne, Northumberland.
Mrs Jane St. Lo.
Mrs Seward, Dorchester [possibly a relation of John Hutchins’ mother, Anne (née Seward)].
Mrs Turner of Penleigh, Wiltshire.
Miss Harriot Whitbread.
Mrs Wilkes, of Richmond.
Right Hon. Anne Lady Viscountess Vane [Frances Anne Vane (formerly Hamilton, née Hawes) (c.1715-1788)].

Below is a list of the 497 subscribers to the first edition of Hutchins’ History of Dorset:
Mr Arthur Adams, Wareham.
Rev. Henry Arnold of Ilsington, DD.
Right Hon. Henry Lord Arundel, of Wardour. (3 copies)
Right Hon. John Earl of Ashburnham.
Anthony Askew, MD, FRS.
Abraham Atkins, esq.
Rev. John Awbery, LL.B, rector of Stratfield Saye, Hampshire, Fellow of Winchester College.
Sir Joseph Ayloffe, bart., FRS, FSA.

John Badcock, esq.
William Baker, esq., of Emberscombe, Somerset.
George Baker, MD, Med. Regin., FRS, FSA.
Mr John Balfour, bookseller, Edinburgh.
Henry Bankes, esq., of Kingston Hall, one of the commissioners of excise.
John Bankes, esq., of Kingston Hall.
Rev. William Barford, DD, Prebendary of Canterbury.
Thomas Barker, of Broadwell, Gloucestershire, esq.
Rev. Edward Barnard, DD, Provost of Eton College.
Hon. Daines Barrington, FRS, FSA.
Mr Benjamin Bartlett, FRS, FSA.
Mr Thomas Bartlett, attorney at law, Wareham.
Mr Samuel Basket, surgeon, Wareham.
Rev. Samuel Basket, vicar of Shapwick.
Mrs Bassett, Tidixton  [Tythegston?], Glamorganshire.
Mr Thomas Bastard, Blandford.
Mr Thomas Bastard, junior, Blandford.
Poole Bathurst, esq., of Alton.
Edward Buckley Batson, esq., London.
His Grace Henry [Somerset] Duke of Beaufort.
Richard Beauvoir, esq.
Mr Thomas Bell.
John Bennet, esq., of Shaftesbury.
William Bennet, esq., of Hartgrove.
Rev. George Bingham, BD, rector of Pimperne, and of Moor Critchel. (2 copies) [Bingham wrote a memoir of Hutchins, entitled  Biographical Anecdotes of the Reverend John Hutchins, MA, Author of The History of Dorset, &c., Printed by and for J. Nichols, London, 1785].
Richard Bingham, esq., of Melcombe Bingham.
Rev. William Bingham, MA, vicar of Stebbing, Essex.
Charles Blair, esq.
Hamilton Blair, esq., of Blair, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Right Hon. Lady Mary Blair.
Richard Blyke, esq., FRS, FSA.
Rev. Denis Bond, MA, of Eggleston, rector of Steeple cum Tyneham.
John Bond, of Grange, esq., MP for Corfe Castle. (2 copies)
Nathaniel Bond, esq., of East Holme.
Thomas Bond, esq.
Nicholas Bonfoy, esq., of Ripton, Huntingdonshire. (2 copies)
Rev. John Borrough, MA, rector of Abbotts Ann, Hampshire.
Rev. Gilbert Boucherie, MA, vicar of Swaffham, Norfolk.
Rev. William Bowles, MA, of Hele, Wiltshire.
Rev. William Thomas Bowles, MA, Shaftesbury.
Rev. William Bower, rector of Edmondsham, and of Sutton Waldron.
Mr Abraham Bragge, surgeon, Sherborne [Abraham Bragge died c.1815].
John Bragge, esq., of Sadborrow, Devon.
Thomas Brand, esq., of the Hide, Essex, FRS, FSA.
Gustavus Brander, esq., FRS, FSA.
Bartholomew Bray, esq.
Rev. George Bridle, MA, Fellow of New College, Oxford.
Rev. John Bridle, DD, rector of Hardwick, Buckinghamshire.
Robert Bridle, esq., merchant, Bristol.
Rev. Nathaniel Bristed, MA, master of the free grammar school, Sherborne. [Nathaniel Bristed (1733-1810), Headmaster of Sherborne School 1766-1790, Rector of Bishop’s Caundle and of Haydon, 1780-1810].
Vicar of Sherborne, 1781-1810]
Right Rev. Thomas [Newton], Lord Bishop of Bristol.
Richard Brodrepp, esq., of Mapperton. (4 copies)
Mr George Brown.
Mr Thomas Brown.
Mr John Herbert Browne, Weymouth.
Charles Brune, esq., late of Plumber.
Charles Pleydell Brune, esq., of Plumber.
Rev. Thomas Bryan, MA, rector of Winterborne Came.
Benjamin Buckler, DD, Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford [Benjamin Buckler (1716/17-1780), antiquarian, Fellow and Bursar of All Souls College, Oxford].
Richard Bull, esq.
William Burrel, LL.D., FRS, FSA. (3 copies)
Rev. John Burrough, rector of Blandford St Mary.
Sir James Burrow, knt., master of the Crown Office, FRS, FSA.
Mr James Burt, surgeon, Hatchland.
Rev. George Burt, of Askerswell.
Rev. Edward Butt, MA, of the Close, Salisbury.

John Calcraft, of Rempston Hall, esq., MP for Rochester. (5 copies)
Mr Alexander Campbell, surgeon, Poole.
John Campbell, LL.D.
Mr Carlisle, apothecary, London.
Mr Robert Carruthers, surgeon, Wareham.
George Chaffin, esq., of Chettle.
Rev. John Chapman, DD, archdeacon of Sudbury, rector of Mersham, Kent.
Rev. John Chapman, MA, rector of Silton.
Mr John Chapman, surgeon, Puddletown.
Miss Anne George Chudleigh [in May 1773, Anne George Chudleigh of Cattistock married Samuel Strong, clerk of Chilcompton].
Joshua Churchill, esq.
William Churchill, esq., of Henbury.
Rev. William Churchill, rector of Catstoke.
Richard Clarke, esq., of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire.
Samuel Clarke, esq., of Poole.
Mr Thomas Clarke, surgeon, Weymouth.
William Clarke, esq., Beaminster.
George Clavel, esq., of Smedmore.
John Claxton, esq., FSA.
Mr Robert Fowler Coade, merchant at Lyme [died 1 April 1773].
Rev. Roger Coke, MA, rector of Hampreston.
Rev. Thomas Coker, MA, rector of Mappowder.
Rev. William Cole, BD, of Milton, Cambridgeshire, FAS.
Sir Robert Colebrooke, bart., MP for Arundel.
Edward Collingwood, esq.
Francis Colman, esq., of Hillersden, Devon.
Rev. William Colman, BD, rector of Stalbridge.
Rev. Thomas Colson, MA, rector of Studland.
Henry Compton, junior, esq., of Bisterne, Hampshire.
Rev. John Cooper, MA, rector of Ufton, Berkshire.
Robert Cooper, junior, esq., of Salisbury.
Rev. John Cooth, AM, rector of Portland, vicar of Blandford.
Arthur Cozens, esq., of Yetminster.
Jeremiah Cray, esq., of Ibsley, Hampshire.
William Cuming, MD, of Dorchester, FSA  [A family friend and Dorchester physician who arranged with Richard Gough for the publication of Hutchins’s History of Dorset in 1774].
Francis Cust, esq., of the Middle Temple.

Right Hon. Thomas Lord Dacre, FSA.
James Dale, esq., Blandford.
Rev. John Dalton, MA, of Shanks.
John Damer of Winterborne Came, esq., MP for Dorchester. (2 copies)
John Damer, esq., barrister at law, Ireland.
Mr John Dampier, Wareham.
Rev. Thomas Dampier, DD, prebendary of Durham.
William Danby, esq. of Swinton, Yorkshire. (2 copies)
Mr John Daniel, surgeon, Beaminster.
Mr William Dansey, surgeon, Blandford.
Mrs Mary D’Aranda [possibly Mary D’Aranda (1722-1798) of Putney, daughter of Paul D’Aranda].
John Darker, esq., FRS, FSA.
Charles Daubeny, esq., Fellow of New College, Oxford.
George Daubeny, esq., merchant, Bristol.
James Daubeny, esq., gent, com. of New College, Oxford.
Mr John Daubeny, merchant, Bristol.
Rev. Richard Daubeny, MA, vicar of Cerne Abbas and rector of Hardington, Somerset.
Rev. Richard Davis, MA, Fellow of Merton College, Oxford.
Mr William Davis.
Lady Deane.
Peter Denoyer, esq.
Rev. John Derby, MA, vicar of Ellingham, Hampshire.
John Deverell, esq., of Clifton.
Rev. James Dibben, rector of Fontmell Magna.
Right Hon. Henry Lord Digby. (5 copies)
George Donisthorpe, esq.
Mr Nathaniel Downe, surgeon, Bridport.
Lady Drake, of Ashe, Devon [in 1720 Anne Heathcote (1702-1769) married Sir Francis Henry Drake].
George Drake.
Thomas Rose Drew, esq.
William Drew, esq., of Whitchurch.
Matthew Duane, esq., FRS, FSA.
John Dunning, esq., Recorder of Bristol.
John Dunning, MD., of Bridgewater.
Jeremiah Dyson, esq., MP for Weymouth.

Rev. John Edgar, MA, of Manston.
Mr Henry Edwards of the Close, Salisbury.
Harvey Ekins, esq., of Filiols.
Sir John Ellwill, bart, of Enville Green.
Mr Walter Erle, attorney at Law, Blandford.
Mrs Ettrick, Salisbury.
William Ewer, esq., MP for Dorchester.

William Falconer, MD, of Bath, FRS.
Hon. Henry Fane, MP for Lyme Regis.
Francis Fauquier, esq.
Thomas Fauquier, esq.
William Fauquier, esq., FRS.
Rev. John Feaver, MA, rector of St Mary’s church, Devon.
Rev. Marian Feaver, MA, rector of Melbury and Evershot.
Rev. Henry Fisher, MA, rector of Bere Regis.
Henry William Fitch, esq., of High Hall.
Mr Thomas Fitzherbert, of Blandford.
Rev. William Fitzherbert, MA.
Augustus Floyer, esq.
John Floyer, esq., of Upwey.
Rev. William Floyer, LL.B., of Bern.
Right Hon. Jacob [Bouverie later Pleydell-Bouverie], Lord Viscount Folkestone.
John Follet, esq., of London.
Mr Jeffe Foot, of Nevis.
Mr Samuel Foot, attorney at law, Sherborne.
Mr Edward Forster, merchant, London.
John Fothergill, MD, FRS, FSA.
John Fowler, esq., merchant, of Bristol.
Mr Baruch Fox, attorney at law, Beaminster.
Rev. Thomas Fox, LL.B., rector of Chalborough and Mapperton.
Fitz Foy, esq., of Castlehill.
James Frampton, esq., of Moreton. (10 copies)
Mr William Frederick, bookseller, Bath.
Arthur Freeman, esq.
Rev. John Fullerton, MA, rector of All Cannings, Wiltshire.
Rev. Weston Fullerton, MA, rector of West Horsley, Surrey.

Sir Sampson Gideon, bart.
Sir Richard Glynn, bart., MP for Coventry.
Robert Glynn [later] Clobery, MD, of Cambridge.
James Gollop, esq., of Berwick.
Thomas Gollop, esq., of Strode.
John Goodford, esq., of Yeovil.
Rev. Robert Goodrich, MA, rector of Bincombe and Broadway.
His Grace Alexander [Gordon] Duke of Gordon.
William Payne Gorges, esq.
Richard Gough, esq., FSA. (10 copies) [Richard Gough (1735-1809), scholar, editor, Director of the Society of Antiquaries 1771-1797, who arranged with William Cuming for the publication of Hutchins’s History of Dorset in 1774].
George Gould, esq., of Upwey.
Mr S. Gould, bookseller, Dorchester. (7 copies)
Rev. Foote Gower, MD, FSA.
John [Manners], Marquis of Granby.
Hon. Henry Greenville. (2 copies)
Rev. Gregory, MA, Fellow of Trinity Hall, Cambridge.
William Chafin Grove, esq., of Waddon, MP for Shaftesbury [William Chafin/Chafyn Grove (c.1731-1793), lawyer and politician, MP for Shaftesbury 1768-1774, MP for Weymouth and Melcombe Regis 1774-1781].
Mr John Guitton, of Great Winchester Street, London.
Joseph Gulston, esq.
Radford Gundrey, esq., of Rawson.
Thomas Gundrey, esq., of Dewlish.
Mr Joseph Gundry, of Bridport.

Edward Haistwell, esq., FSA.
Robert Hale, esq., of Redland, Gloucestershire.
Rev. Henry Hall, MA, rector of Child Okeford.
Anthony Hamilton, vicar of Fulham, archdeacon of London, FRS, FAS.
Rev. James Hanham, of Corfe Mullen.
Sir William Hanham, bart., of Dean’s Court. (2 copies)
Joseph Hardy, junior, esq.
James Harris, esq., FRS.
Rev. James Harris, AM, vicar of Abbotsbury and Winterborne Monkton.
Rev. John Harris, MA, vicar of Sturminster Marshall.
Mr William Hatchard, of East Lulworth.
Mr Thomas Haviland, apothecary, of Bath.
William Hawkins, esq., of Maidstone, Kent.
William Hayman, esq., of Minehead.
Mr John Hayne, Pitts Frome.
Rev. Nathan Hayne, MA, vicar of St Mary’s, Nottingham.
Rev. James Robinson Hayward, MA.
John Heathcote, esq., FRS.
Miss Heathcote.
William Heberden, MD, FRS, FSA.
Weston Helyar, junior, esq., of East Coker, Somerset.
Henry Hele, MD, of Salisbury.
Henry Cornish Henley, esq.
Mr William Herbert.
Right Hon. James [Beauclerk] Lord Bishop of Hereford.
Thomas, Heron, esq.
Rev. William Hetherington, Fellow of Eton College and rector of Farnham, Buckinghamshire. (2 copies)
Mr John Barnard Higgins.
Henry Hoare, esq., of Stourhead.  [Henry Hoare (1705-1785)]
Richard Hoare, esq. [possibly Richard Colt Hore (1758-1838, antiquarian]
Mr William Hodder, apothecary, Newgate Street, London.
Thomas Hollis, esq., of Corscombe, FRS, FAS.
John Baker Holroyd, esq., of Sheffield Place, Sussex.
Edward Hooper, esq., of Hern Court, Hampshire, FRS.
Rev. Henry Hooton, MA, rector of Moreton.
John Houlton, esq., of Seagry, Wiltshire.
Rev. John Hubbock, MA, rector of the Holy Trinity, Dorchester and prebendary of Chichester.
Mr Nicholas Humphrey, attorney at law, of Blandford.
William Hunter, MD, FRS, FAS, Med. Regin. Extraord.
John Hyde, esq., barrister at law.
Mr Thomas Hyde, merchant, of Poole.

Right Hon. Stephen [Fox-Strangways] Earl of Ilchester. (10 copies)
James Ireland, esq., merchant, Bristol.

Rev. Jackson, DD, rector of Upper Donhead, Wiltshire.
John Jacob, MD, of Salisbury.
Mr John Jacob, mercer, of Dorchester.
Sir Stephen Theodore Janssen, bart., chamberlain of the city of London. (2 copies) [Sir Stephen Theodore Janseen (d.177), 4th Baronet, MP for London 1747-1754, Chamberlain of London 1765-1776].
John Jenkinson, esq., MP for Corfe Castle.
William Jephson, serjeant at law.
Cuthbert Johnson, MD, Sherborne.
Mr John Jones, Bryanston near Blandford.
Mr Thomas Jubber, merchant, Poole.

Rev. Richard Kaye, LL.D, FRS, FSA.
Whitshed Keene, esq., MP for Wareham.
Mr Henry King, senior, Bristol.
Right Hon. Thomas Lord King.
His Grace Evelyn [Pierrepont] Duke of Kingston.
Mr Francis Kingston, Blandford.
Robert Lumley Kingston, esq., Dorchester, FSA.

Libraries of Colleges of Cambridge University: Caius College, Corpus Christi College, Emmanuel College, Jesus College, St. John’s College, King’s College, Pembroke Hall, Peterhouse, Queen’s College, Sidney College, Trinity College.
Library of the Public of Cambridge.
Libraries of Colleges of Oxford University: All Souls, Corpus Christi College, New College, Trinity College.
Library of Eton College.
Library of the Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh.
Library of Winchester College.
Library of the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury.
Library of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster.

Rev. Timothy Lamb, Dorchester.
Mr Robert Lambert, attorney at law, Dorchester.
Rev. John Leach, MA, rector of Lytchett Matravers.
Mr Thomas Anthony Le Cocq, Weymouth.
Rev. Harry Lee, DD, warden of Winchester College.
Mr William Leer, attorney at law, Wimborne.
John Le Mesurier, esq., governor of Alderney.
Warren Lisle, esq., of Upwey.
William Clapcott Lisle, esq.
Charles Lloyd, esq., FSA, FRS.
The Rev. Philip Lloyd, DD, vicar of Puddletown, dean of Norwich.
Charles Long, esq.
Sir James Long, bart., of Athelhampton.
Rev. Edmund Lovell, LL.D, rector of Rushton.
Henry Lyte, esq.

Rev. Alexander Mallet, MA, Prebendary of Gloucester, rector of Maiden Newton and Combe Florey.
Rev. Owen Manning, BD, vicar of Godalming, Surrey, FRS, FSA.
Mr Joseph Manuel, Bloxworth.
James Mansfield, esq., barrister at law.
Rev. George Marsh, MA. [in 1723, John Hutchins was appointed curate and assistant schoolmaster to the Rev. George Marsh, then vicar of Milton Abbas and master of Milton Abbas Grammar School]
Adam Martin, esq., of Seaborough, FSA.
Cornwallis Maude, esq., of Westmead, Carmarthenshire.
Joshua Mauger, esq., MP for Poole
Rev. Robert Maurice, AM, rector of Burleston and Athelhampton.
George Medley, esq.
John Meech, esq., of Charminster. (2 copies)
Mr Matthew Merefield, attorney at law, Shaftesbury.
William Metcalfe, esq., of Fordham Abbey.
David Robert Michel, esq., of Dewlish. (2 copies)
Right Hon. George [Brodrick] Lord Viscount Middleton.
Rev. Samuel Lambert Milbourne, MA, rector of Affpuddle.
Sir John Hoby Mill, bart., of Bisham Abbey, Berkshire.
Rev. Jeremiah Milles, STP, dean of Exeter, FRS, Pr. SA.
Mr George Milner, Poole.
Right Hon. Joseph [Damer] Lord Milton. (20 copies)
John Misenor, esq.
John Monro, MD.
Hon. William Montague.
Samuel Moody, esq., or Watford, Hertfordshire.
Mr James Morgan, New Bond Street Buildings, London.
Rev. Philip Mountague, MA, rector of Piddlehinton.
Peter Muilman, esq., FSA.

Mr William Neale, Wareham.
Richard Neave, esq.
Francis Newman, esq., of Cadbury.
John Newton, esq., of Spetisbury.
John Nicholls, esq., barrister at law.
Mr Thomas Nicholls, Burton.
Mr Walter Nicholls, attorney at law, Dorchester.
Mrs Nickleson, of Poole.
Mr Henry Nooth, surgeon, Sturminster Newton.

Rev. Henry Oglander, MA, Fellow of New College, Oxford.
Rev. John Oglander, STB, warden of New College, Oxford.
Sir William Oglander, bart., of Parnham. (3 copies)
Miss Okeden.
Mr John Oliver, attorney at law, Poole.
John Owen, esq., of Shropshire.

Sir Ralph Paine, KB, commander in chief of the Leeward Islands.
Robert Palke, esq., MP for Wareham.
Mr Peter Parker.
Mr Samuel Paterson.
Mr George Paton, Edinburgh.
Rev. Joseph Payne, MA, vicar of Buckland Abbas.
Mr Arthur Payne, Bridport.
Rev. Mr Nicholas Pearson, Lyme.
Thomas Pennant, esq., of Downing, Flintshire, FRS, FSA.
Taylor Penny, esq.
Edward Phelipps, esq., of Montacute.
Jocelyn Pickard, esq., of Bloxworth.
George Pitt, esq., of Stratfield Saye, knight of the shire. (10 copies)
John Pitt, esq., of Encombe. (2 copies)
Thomas Pitt, esq., of the Downe.
William Pitt, esq., of Kingston.
Mr John Pinchard.
John Pinney, esq., of Blackdown.
Edmund Morton Pleydell, esq., of Milborne St Andrew. (2 copies)
Jonathan Morton Pleydell, esq.
Edward Poore, esq., FRS.
Rev. John Pope, MA, rector of Old Cleeve, Somerset.
Sir James Porter, KB, FRS.
Her Grace Margaret [Cavendish Bentinck] Duchess Dowager of Portland (1715-1785).
Henry William Portman, esq., of Bryanston. (2 copies)
Mr John Poulham.
Mr Harry Pouncy, Dorchester.
Mr Jonathan Price.
William Price, esq., FRS, FAS.
Sir John Pringle, bart., MD, Med. Reginae, Pr. RS, FAS.
Mr Robert Prower, surgeon, Cranborne.
Rev. Charles Pulteney, MA, rector of Curry Mallet, Somerset.
Richard Pulteney, MD, Blandford, FRS.
Rev. William Purkis, AM, president of Magdalen College, Cambridge.
John Purling, esq., of Bradford Peverell.
Thomas Putt, esq., of Gittisham, Devon.
John Pyke, esq., of Dunshay.
Rev. John Pyke, MA, rector of Swanage.

Right Hon. William [Bouverie] Earl of Radnor.
Mr Samuel Rake, of Fontmell Parva.
Rev. John Randal, MA, vicar of Stinsford.
Rev. Thomas Rayne, MA, vicar of Netherbury.
Rev. Simon Reader, Wareham.
Rev. John Richards, of Long Bredy.
William Richards, junior, esq., of Warmwell.
Mrs Riddell, of Swinburne, Northumberland.
John Ridout, esq., of Dean’s Lease.
Giles Rooke, esq., barrister at law.
Samuel Rush, esq., of Benhall, Suffolk.
Rev. Charles Russell, one of the ministers of Wimborne.
Nathaniel Ryder, esq.
Thomas Ryves, esq., of Ranston Hall, FRS.

Sir John St. Aubyn, bart., of Clowance, Cornwall.
Rev. James Sterling Samber, DD.
Rev. Henry St. Lo, MA, vicar of Sturminster Newton.
Mrs Jane St. Lo.
Rev. Joseph Sanford, BD, of Balliol College, Oxford.
George Scott, esq., FRS, FSA.
Rev. George James Sale, MA, rector of Bradford Peverell, Fellow of Winchester College.
Mrs Seward, Dorchester. [possibly a relation of John Hutchins’ mother, Anne Hutchins (née Seward)]
Henry Seymer, esq., of Hanford.
Henry Seymour, esq., MP for Huntingdon.
Right Hon. Anthony [Ashley-Cooper] Earl of Shaftesbury. (10 copies)
Henry Sherive, LL.D., rector of Bridport.
Peter Sherston, esq., of Wells.
Samuel Sherring, esq., of Whitemoor, Nottinghamshire.
John Slade, esq., of the Pay Office, London.
Rev. Edmund Smith, MA, Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge.
John Smith, esq., of Sydling St Nicholas, FRS, FSA. (3 copies)
Mr John Smith, Bucklersbury, London.
Nathaniel Smith, esq., lieutenant governor of Chelsea Hospital.
Sir Robert Smith, bart., of Isfield, Sussex.
Mr William Sollers, bookseller, Blandford.
Rev. Thomas Southernwood, Fellow of Eton College.
William Southouse, esq., FSA.
Mr Isaac Sparks, of Langton Herring.
Edward Stanley, esq., FRS, FSA.
George Steevens, esq., FRS, FSA.
Philip Stephens, esq., FRS, FSA.
Gabriel Steward, esq.
Mr William Stockesley, Charminster.
Right Hon. William Lord Stourton.
Mr James Strachan.
Charles Stuart, esq., FRS, FSA.
Humphry Sturt, esq., of More Crichel, knight of the shire. (5 copies)
Francis Sykes, esq., MP for Shaftesbury.
Richard Symes, esq., Beaminster.
Rev. Gregory Syndercombe, junior, LL.D.

Rev. Robert Taunton, LL.B, vicar of Sydling St Nicholas.
John Taver, esq., governor of Portland Castle.
George Taylor, esq., of Cheshire.
John Taylor, esq., of St. Christopher’s.
Rev. William Taylor, of Montserrat.
Mr John Templeman, attorney at law, Dorchester.
Mr Nathaniel Templeman, of Lincoln’s Inn.
Rev. Mr Nathaniel Templeman, rector of Loders and West Almer.
Mr William Templeman, attorney at law, Dorchester.
Peter Thomson, esq., London.
Rev. Benjamin Thornton, MA, rector of Winfrith Newburgh.
Edward Thurlow, esq., his Majesty’s Attorney General.
John Trenchard, esq. (2 copies)
Rev. Andrew Tucker, LL.B, Lyme.
John Tucker, esq., MP for Weymouth.
Richard Tucker, esq.
Marmaduke Tunstall, esq., FRS, FSA.
Mrs Turner of Penleigh, Wiltshire.
Matthew Twogood, esq. (2 copies)
Rev. Christopher Twynihoe, MA, of Turnwood.
George Booth Tyndal, esq., of Bathford, Somerset.

Rev. Charles Wake, LL.D, prebendary of Westminster, rector of East Knoyle, Wiltshire.
John Walcot, esq., Bath.
Rev. John Walker, MA, archdeacon of Dorset.
Arnold Wallinger, esq., of Hare Hall, Essex.
Mr John Wallis, clerk of the peace for the county.
Edward Walter, esq., of Stalbridge, MP for Milborne Port. (5 copies)
John Rolle Walter, esq.
Mr Walter.
Right Hon. Drigue Billers [Olmius] Lord Waltham.
James Walwyn, esq., of Longworth, Herefordshire.
Rev. Joseph Warton, DD, Headmaster of Winchester School.
Mr Thomas Waters, Blandford.
Benjamin Way, esq.
Samuel Way, esq., South Sea House, London.
Sir John Webb, bart., of Canford, FRS, FSA. (3 copies)
Samuel Wegg, esq., FRS, FSA.
Edward Weld, esq., of Lulworth Castle. (10 copies)
Thomas Weld, esq., of Britwell, Oxfordshire.
William Wentworth, esq., of Henbury.
Rev. Charles Weston, prebendary of Durham.
Right Hon. John [Fane] Earl of Westmorland.
Charles Weymondfold, esq.
John White, esq., of Shaftesbury.
John White, esq., of Fairlee, Isle of Wight.
Mr Stephen White, of Hesleton.
Mr Stephen White, junior, Wareham.
Robert Whitaker, esq., of Motcombe.
Miss Harriot Whitbread.
John Wickham, esq., FSA.
Mrs Wilkes, of Richmond.
John Willet, esq.
Ralph Willet, esq., of Merley, FRS, FSA. (3 copies)
Thomas Williams, esq., of Herringston.
Sir Edward Wilmot, bart., MD, Med. Reg., FRS.
Rev. John Wood, MA, vicar of Milborne St Andrew.
William Woodley, esq.
Mr John Woods, North Ockendon, Essex.
Rev. Robert Worgan, MA, rector of Linkenholt, Hampshire.
Rev. Wragge, rector of North Cadbury, Somerset.
Matthew Wyldbore, esq., MP for Peterborough.
Henry Penruddock Wyndham, esq.

Right Hon. Anne Lady Viscountess Vane [Frances Anne Vane (formerly Hamilton, née Hawes) (c.1715-1788)].
John Vincent, esq., of Yetminster.
Rev. Carew Vyvyan, MA, vicar of Powerstock.

Rev. Robert Yeatman.
Mr Yeatman, of Bristol.
Rev. Thomas Patrick Young, STP, FSA.


Rachel Hassall
School Archivist
1 May 2019

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