Shirburnians have a long tradition of remembering their own.  At the east end of the School chapel is a memorial recording the names of the twelve Old Shirburnians who lost their lives in the South African War of 1899-1902.  The names of those Old Shirburnians who fell in the First (approx. 221) and Second World Wars (approx. 242) are incised into the walls of the ante-chapel, designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield, and are also recorded in the Books of Remembrance.

We will remember them.

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South African War Roll of Honour (1899-1902)

CLOSE, Henry Douglas Pellew | LOVETT, Richard Gordon Beresford |  LUMSDEN, Henry Charles |  WALDY, Richard Wartyr

First World War Roll of Honour

ADAMS, Percy Redmond │ ADAMSON, William │ BACCHUS, William Hubert Ogden │  BENISON, Eric William │  BLANDFORD, Charles Eric │ BOND, Charles Gordon │ BRINE, Everard Lindesay │ BURGESS, Philip Gulson │ CAPEL CURE, Basil Alfred │  CLARK, Harold Conquest COLLOT, Thomas Alexander │  CRAWHALL, Neil Grant │ CRICHTON, Alexander Godfrey │ CROFT-SMITH, Edwin Spencer │  DUCKWORTH, William Henry │  ELLIOT, Wilfrid Edmund │ ELLIS, George Reginald │ ELSMIE, George Edward Douglas | FENN, Edward Gerald Palmer │ FINDLAY, Robert de Cardonnel │  FOLEY, Edward Bagehot │  FORREST, Evelyn Arthur Atherley │  GOLDSMITH, Henry Mills │  GROVES, John Stiby │ GROVES, Richard Ernest │  HAY, Geoffrey William  │ HICKS, Frederick Richard │  HODGSON, Richard Eveleigh │ HOOPER, Leonard John │  KESTELL-CORNISH, Robert Vaughan │  KING, Edward Westcott │  LACEY, Edred Severs │ LEEDS, John Stanley │ LEGGE, Ronald George │ LEIGH, Henry Godfrey Thomas │  LLEWELLIN, William Mervyn JohnesMAUNSELL, Robert George Frederick │  MAY, Thomas Radcliffe Agnew │  MONTGOMERIE, William Graham │ MOORE, Robert │  MURRAY, Thomas Francis │ MUSPRATT, Keith Knox │ MUSPRATT, Terence Petty │ NUTTER, Geoffrey Hayward Elliot │ OLIVER, Raymond Edward Creswick │ PALMER, Edmund John | PALMER, Leslie Stuart |  PARSONS, Maurice Harry Donne |  RANSFORD, Clement Gascoyne |  REEVES, Laurence |  REID-TAYLOR, Adrian Aubrey Charles |  SCARBROUGH, Reginald John | SCOTT-HOLMES, Basil |  SHIPPARD, Courtenay Noel Walkinshaw | SMITH, Duncan Galloway |  SMYTH, William Henry | STREATFEILD, Thomas Basil Maryon |  SWEET, Leonard Herbert |  TRASK, Charles William Trevor |  VAN GOETHEM, Henry Edward |  VINCENT, William | VOWLER, Darrell Francis Stephen | VOWLER, John Arthur GeoffreyWALTER, William Guy Ardagh |  WHITNEY, Thomas Geoffrey | WHITTINGSTALL, George Herbert Fearnley |  WILSON, Ralph Aylmer

Second World War Roll of Honour

BALCK-FOOTE (FOOTE), John Anthony Balck | BERESFORD, Tristram Edward de la Poer | BERNARD-SMITH, George Christopher |  BRADFIELD, James Ernest | BUDGEN, Gordon Douglas Heane | CAMPBELL, Peter Donald |  COOPER-KEY, Aston Maurice |  CROCKER, George Leslie | DE GLANVILLE, Robert Bertram | DE WINTON, Robert William Michael | DICK, Anthony Gerald |  ELLIS, Charles Ireton |  FLETCHER, Dennis John Alsen |  GOUT, Geoffrey Kenneth |  GREENSHIELDS, Henry Lafone | HARTLEY WATSON (WATSON), Rupert Hartley |  HOLMES, Oliver Lockington |  JONES, Andrew Norman Vernon  | LILLEY, Richard FitzGerald | LILLEY, Ronald Jellett | LINDREA, Cyril Brian |  MACALISTER HALL, William Peter | MACANDREW, Vernon William | MACLAREN, Malcolm Edward Monteith | MACQUEEN, Noel Rees | MAJOR, Michael Wakeman |  MILEY, Miles John |  NASH, Thomas Wilfrid |  NISBET, Harry Curtis Lane |  PALIN-EVANS (EVANS), Peter Nelson St Clair | PHIPPS, Francis Constantine | PINCI, Michele Arthur Kennedy | POOLES, Michael Reginald Mark | RALEIGH, Adrian Gifford |  ROSS-MAGENTY, Bruce Michael | RUSSELL-JOHNSON (JOHNSON), Walter Russell | SADD, John Peter | SANDILANDS, Donald Ian | SANDILANDS, John Anthony James |  SHAWYER, Geoffrey Maurice | SLEE, John Nigel Egerton |  SMITH, Richard Hugh |  STRUTT, Ivan Cornwallis  | TAYLER, Skipwith Edward | TEACHER, Norman Joseph Macdonald | TUCKER, Robert Wallis | TUTTON, Michael William Leonard | TYSON, Peter William  | WATT, Graham | WHATELY-SMITH, Anthony Robert |WINNICOTT, Robert Richard | WOODHOUSE, Oliver George | WORTH, John Harold | WORTH, Robert Geoffrey | WRIGHT, Anthony Dundas Almooth

Lives Lost in Service (1919-1939, 1946 to date)

BENNETT, George | BERNARD, James Verney |  FARRER, John Richard Stanton |  HOBSON, Eric Ralph Carrington | MUSTO, John Stephen Arnold |  PALMER, Alan Vaughan |  VAN DER BYL, Albert Lawrence Montague

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