Arthur Francis Emilius FORMAN (1850-1895).  1st XV 1868 (captain): ‘Captain this season: is very useful anywhere in the field; one of the best kicks in the School.’

Son of R. Forman, Weston-super-Mare.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbey House) 1863-1869; 6th form; XI 1866-1869 (capt.); XV 1868 (capt.).  Trinity College, Oxford; 3rd class Classics, Mods., 1871; BA (2nd class Modern History) 1873. Ordained 1878.  Assistant Master at Repton 1874-1895. Derbyshire XI 1877-1882.  Commemorated on a memorial brass in Sherborne School Chapel.

Walter Barnard DE WINTON (1850-1944).  1st XV 1868: ‘Was unfortunately prevented from playing this season in consequence of a bad accident he received in the first game: we feel sure he would have been one of the best players. Has left.’

Son of Ven. Archd. H. de Winton, Llandrindod.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1861-1868; 6th form; XI 1867, 1868; XV 1868. RIE College, Cooper’s Hill, 1871-1874; PWD Madras 1874; Chief Engineer and Secretary to Government of Madras in PWD, 1897; CIE 1903. Retired 1905.

Edward Stephenson HALL (1851-1928).  1st XV 1868: ‘A good all round player, useful anywhere; the best runner, and very fair kick.’

Son of Col. Hall, Bruton.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1863-1870; 6th form; XV 1868, 1869. Worcester College, Oxford; BA 1878. Ordained 1878.  Chaplain, Bombay Eccl. Est., 1885.

John Percival WILLS (?-1876).  1st XV 1868: ‘An excellent back player; very good place kick, using in playing up.’

Son of Dr. Wills, St Heliers, Jersey.  Attended Sherborne School (The Green) 1865-1869; XI 1867, 1868, 1869; XV 1868.  Edinburgh University.  Drowned on 17 February 1876 when the SS Strathclyde was hit by the German steamship Franconia off Dover in the English Channel: the lives of 38 crew and passengers were lost, out of a total 70.

Richard William BOODLE (1850-1918). 1st XV 1868: ‘A capital forward player, with determined pluck; does not mind being knocked about; excellent in scrimmage. Must improve his kicking.  Has left.’

Son of R.H. Boodle, Chilcompton, Bath.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbey House) 1863-1868; 6th form; Latin Prose prize 1868; XV 1868. Demy, Magdalene College, Oxford 1868; 2nd class Classics, 1872; 1st class History, 1873. Librarian of Fraser Institute, Montreal, 1886-1890. Assistant in Reference Library, Birmingham, 1891-1892 and 1894-1902.  Died as the result of a traffic accident, 1918.

Charles Coverdale TANCOCK (1851-1922).  1st XV 1868-1869: ‘Plays up well throughout the game.  Successful runner with the ball, but should improve his kicking.’

Son of Rev. O.J. Tancock, D.C.L., Tavistock.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1864-1870; 6th form; Translation from Latin prize 1867; Parsons Prize 1868-1869; Classical Medal, Leweston Prize, Sherborne Exhibition, 1869; XI 1869, 1870; XV 1868-1869; Head of School 1869, 1870.  Scholar, Exeter College, Oxford, 1870; 1st class Classics, Mods., 1872; 1st class Classics 1874.  Assistant Master at Charterhouse 1875-1886. Headmaster of Rossall School 1886-1896. Vicar of Leck, 1896-1898. Headmaster of Tonbridge School 1898-1909. DD 1899. Hon Canon of Rochester 1906.

Gerald Chambers CAVE (1850-1896).  1st XV 1868: ‘Very fair all round player; especially noticeable in a scrimmage, nothing being able to get the ball from him when once he held it.  Good drop kick. Has left.’

Son of Major-General G.N. Cave, Sherborne.  Attended Sherborne School (Foundationer & The Green), 1864-1868; XV 1868. In the Argentina Civil Service.

Cyril  EADE (1851-1927).  1st XV 1868: ‘At times kicks very well indeed, but is rather uncertain; is especially successful in playing half-back.’

Son of Mrs. Eade, Sherborne.  Attended Sherborne School (Foundationer) 1864-1869; 6th form; XV 1868. Adm. Solicitor 1875; practised in London.

Osborne Henry CHANNER (1853-1937).  1st XV 1868, 1869: ‘A very pretty but not effective player; useful in a small game, but at a loss against numbers; rather fallen off since beginning of season.’

Son of Col. G.G. Channer, Royal (late Bengal) Artillery.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1866-1870; XI 1869, 1870; XV 1868, 1869.  MB.  CM Edinburgh 1876; DPH Dublin. IMS 1876. Afghan War 1878-1880 (despatches); Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel, 1896. Retired 1907.  Sanitary Commissioner, Bombay, 1896-1899.

John Franklen Thomas PETER (1851-1897), 1st XV 1868-1869: ‘Strong and useful in playing up; ought to improve his kicking powers.’

Son of J.L. Peter, Redruth, Cornwall.  Attended Sherborne School (School House & The Green) 1865-1870; 6th form; first Head of The Green; Digby Prize (Mathematics & Science), Mathematics Medal, 1870; XV 1868-1869.  St John’s College, Cambridge, 15th Sen. Op., 1874. Barrister-at-Law (Middle Temple) 1877.  Assumed the surname of Thomas-Peter.

John Henry Nowell BARTON (1851-1924).  Ist XV 1868, 1869: ‘One of the best kicks in the Fifteen, a useful man anywhere in the field.’

Son of Rev. Henry Nowell Barton, Southampton.  Attended Sherborne School (Abbey House) 1866-1870; 6th form; XI 1869; XV 1868, 1869.  Keble College, Oxford, 1870; BA 1877.  Ordained 1877. Vicar of Turkdean 1902-1907.  Died at Stratton, Cornwall, on 4 August 1924.

 William Henry GAME (1853-1932). 1st XV 1868, 1869, 1870 (capt.), 1871 (capt.): ‘Runs extremely well with the ball; very good place kick with oval ball; works hard the whole time.’

Son of W. Game, Hove.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1865-1872; 6th form; XI 1868, 1869, 1870, 1871 (capt.), 1872 (capt.); XV 1868, 1869, 1870 (capt.), 1871 (capt.).  Oriel College, Oxford, 1872; Oxford University XV, 1873; Oxford XI four years (captain 1876) (threw cricket ball 127 yards at OUAC Meeting, 1873). Surrey XI.  Secretary to a London Company.  Retired to Brancaster.

Henry Thomas TWYNAM (1852-1899).  1st XV 1868, 1869: ‘A most useful man in any game, most especially against small numbers, playing in a plucky and scientific manner.’

Son of T. Twynam, Fair Oak, Hampshire.  Attended Sherborne School (day boy) 1865-1870; XI 1869, 1870; XV 1868, 1869.  Cambridge University XV, captain 1879. England XV 1879-1884 (8 caps); Adm. Solicitor 1879.  The originator of the Old Shirburnian dinners, 1876.  Commemorated on a memorial brass in Sherborne School Chapel.

John Cuthbert HEATHCOTE (1852-1933).  Ist XV 1868, 1869 (capt.): ‘Plays up well throughout the game; very fair kick; good in a scrimmage.’

Son of Rev. S.J. Heathcote, Williton, Taunton.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1861-1870; 6th form; XI 1868, 1869, 1870 (capt.); XV 1868, 1869 (capt.).  Oriel College, Oxford, 1870; 4th class Modern History, 1873. Lived at Hinton Abbey, Bath.

Edward Wilmot HOLLAND (1850-1912).  1st XV 1868: ‘Useful man in playing back, but we should like to see him take more interest in the game; kicks well at all times.’

Son of Rev. E. Holland, Camerton Rectory, Bath.  Attended Sherborne School (School House) 1865-1870; 6th form; Latin Verse 1869; Greek Verse 1870; XI 1869-1870; XV 1868.  Clare College, Cambridge, 1870; BA 1874. St Thomas’s Hospital; MRCS Eng., 1879; LRCP 1880.  Practised at Chelmsford.

1868 1st XV, Sherborne School