The Headmaster’s House (left) and School Room (right) by Nathaniel Whittock, c.1850.

Until 1835, all boys boarded with the Headmaster, originally in the Headmaster’s house in the converted former Lady Chapel of Sherborne Abbey.  From 1835 to 1847, the Rev. Thomas James boarded a few boys in what is now the private side of Abbey House, and from the latter half of the 19th century, a number of boarding houses were set up in the town by schoolmasters who ran them as private establishments.  As a result, the individual boarding houses were identified by the name of the housemaster rather than by the name of the property, which over the years could mean several names being ascribed to one house.  However, in 1950 the housemasters voted that the building was greater than the man, and so the practice ended.  Gradually the School Governors acquired the boarding houses so that today they are all the property of the School.

Current boarding houses at Sherborne School

Former boarding houses at Sherborne School

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