record-breakersThe first edition of The Guinness Book of Records was published in 1955.  It was compiled by twins Norris and Ross McWhirter.

Below is a list of Shirburnians who have broken World Records.  If you think someone is missing from our list then we would love to hear from you.  Please contact the School Archivist

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Shirburnian record breakers:

1920: World Record 4 x 880 yards relay (7:50.4)

H.B. Stallard (Lyon House 1914-1919) & W.R. Milligan (Abbey House 1912-1917) (relay team: H.B. Stallard, W.R. Milligan, Bevil Rudd, Wilfred Tatham).

1953: World Record 4 x 1 mile relay (16:41.0)

Christopher Chataway (Harper House 1944-1949) (relay team: Chris Chataway, Bill Nankeville, Don Seaman, Roger Bannister)

1954: World Record 5000 metres (13:51.6)

Christopher Chataway (Harper House 1944-1949).

1954: World Record 3 miles (13:32.2)

Christopher Chataway (Harper House 1944-1949).

1955: World Record 3 miles (13:23.2)

Christopher Chataway (Harper House 1944-1949).

1956: World Absolute Air Speed Record

Peter Twiss (Abbey House 1935-1940).  The first man to fly faster than 1,000 mph.

1972: World Record continuous Squash playing (49 hours)

Charles Hume (Westcott House 1967-1972) & Robert Bensted-Smith (Abbey House 1968-1972).

1974: World Record continuous Fives playing

Richard Knight (Harper House 1969-1974) & Michael Alexander (Abbeylands 1970-1974).

1980: World Record deep dive (2165ft)

Martin Garrard (School House 1967-1972).

?: World Record indoor hockey marathon

Robert Stonehewer-Smith (Lyon House 1975-1980).

1985: World Record continuous Fives playing

Julian MacDonnell (School House 1980-1985) & Nick Parfitt (The Green 1980-1985).

1990: World Record continuous Fives playing (40 hours, 10 mins)

Mark Dougal (Harper House 1986-1991), Jeremy Field (Abbey House 1988-1993), Anthony Lea (Harper House 1987-1990), Thomas Maidment (Harper House 1986-1991).

1995: First crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by human power

Jason Lewis (School House 1981-1985)

1996: First crossing of North America on inline skates

Jason Lewis (School House 1981-1985)

2000: First crossing of the Pacific Ocean by pedal power

Jason Lewis (School House 1981-1985)

2007: First person to circumnavigation of the Earth without wind or motor assistance

Jason Lewis (School House 1981-1985)

2014: Youngest Pair to Row the Atlantic

Jack Galsworthy (Wallace House 2008-2013) & Freddie Wright (The Digby 2008-2013) (as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, 5th).